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looking for people to play LoL


The Over Caffeinated Vulpine
Welp, you are NA but my Plat elo is to high to queue with you.


The Over Caffeinated Vulpine
You said your plat right?.... Please send some tips towards my way I wanna escape bronze T.T
Just keep practicing really, don't rage at your team cause that will just tilt them leading to more loses. Watching high elo players and streamers is good too, you learn strategies, rotations and combos.


New Member
im way to addicted to league, S2 last season and now back in styrofoam 21, would love to play some matches.
user GreatShepard.
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Snuggle-Lover <3
Hi new to this community and wondered if I could join you guys? If you are still in bronze that is...


Woof? Woof