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Looking for people who want to take their art to the next level

Ringo the Wolf

A lone wolf.
It's never too late to learn how to draw. :D
I knew you'd say that, that's pretty common for me to hear. And I mean, it is true.
The issue is, I do the same literally every single day, that is just sitting on PC and most of the time doing nothing much.
I don't even play games most of the time, unlike before.
I wish to learn drawing and animating in 2D as well as modelling and animating in 3D.
And yes I sure do know it'll take hella long for me to learn these stuff. Depends on how much time I will be spending for these.
Oh, and of course I'll start with 2D stuff first, or 3D, I do not know yet.
I imagine too much that I want to show people what I imagine. Showing my imagination through drawings, animations.

Basically, I have potential that I can't realize. That's mostly the problem with me.
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Still on the fence about joining Art Gainz? We are still open for new members! While we are primarily a furry art group, everyone is welcomed to join us! We help each others with tips, tutorials, references and constructive criticism! So if you want to be part of a community that help each others reach our artistic peaks, send me a message with your discord link and I add you! <3