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Looking for Pokémon rp

Tatsuo chan

It's time for my mighty Blue Flare!!!
Hi! I'm once again craving for a Pokémon rp really badly. Either NSFW or SFW is fine. But if we do go NSFW, I want it to be romantic and cute.

I like adventure, action and rivalry plots, possibly with some slice of life elements. Wholesomeness and some playful elements also peeks my interest. Friendly rivals that train and battle together is one of my favorite plot types. I'm also very intrigued by harem settings, NOT the anime kind, but harems like they had in ancient China and the Ottoman empire. Also, a sort of arena battle tournament would be a fun plot point. Character development is a MUST and so is combat!

My characters are:

-Astarael, the shiny Gardevoir. A female Gardie who's fighting type instead of psychic. She is excitable, conceited, reckless and very proud of her power.

-Tatsuo, the Reshiram. A female Reshi that has a very cute appearance and is way smaller than the usual Reshi (she's about twice the size of a Riolu). She's energetic, innocent, hardworking and a bit cocky.

-Tatsumi, the Reshiram. My favorite out of all 3. A female Reshi that is fluffier and a bit more pudgy than than your average Reshi. She is power hungry, conceited and violent, but will protect the innocent if needed.

As for kinks, I'm into vore, muscle growth, weight gain, growth, crushing, goro ero, inflation, big bellies and cuddling.

My limits are non-con (except in vore), adult x child, toilet play, exaggerated dicks and humiliation.


Will accept free hugs and tummy rubs.
Big bellies? I have a few character is in that sort of vein? Wanna RP?