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Looking for possible roommates for FurReality in Cincinnati, OH


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Hello all. I don't post to the FA forums that often (or at all really) but I figured due to the high volume of people here I may as well give this a shot. My close friend shifterfur and I are currently seeking 2-3 people to room with us for FurReality. For those of you who aren't familiar with the convention, it's a relatively small and new convention being held in Cincinnati, OH area over Columbus Day Weekend (Oct 6th to 8th). This is it's fifth year running, and our attendance last year was about 500-600 people (unsure of the exact number). As I said it's a fairly tiny convention compared to most, however last year was my first year going and I had an absolute blast. It definitely has a different feel to it than larger conventions like AnthroCon and MFF, but at the same time the smaller environment also encourages you to group up with people you meet and get to know them over the course of the convention. If you'd like more info you can check out the website here: Fur Reality: The Story So Far

Getting more to the point of this post, as I said before I'm currently seeking out people who might be interested in sharing a room with shifter and I. I currently have a suite reserved at the convention hotel from Friday Oct 6th to Monday October 9th. The room has a king bed which shifter and I will be taking, a small kitchen area, a pull out couch, and plenty of floor space as well. I can easily accommodate up to two more people including myself and shifter, and possibly even a third depending on how many people express interest.

Some things to note:

-Room share will be $135 USD per person for the full stay (Friday afternoon to Monday morning). I prefer to be paid the full amount in person at the convention, and will not be handing out room keys until I have received the payment. I will not be splitting the costs for people who don't plan to stay the full weekend because that tends to complicate things when calculating exactly how much I will need from people to pay for the room.

-I will not be accepting minors in this room. Sorry. I prefer not to get into any legal trouble.

-Chances are alcohol will be present in the room and that shifter and I will be drinking. You are welcome to join us but are by no means required to. Just be aware that others in the room will probably be drinking.

-Shifter and I tend to be fairly open about adult activities taking place in the room. If you are uncomfortable with this, then this probably isn't the room for you. Should shifter and I plan to use the room for said activities I will try and warn our other roommates in advance so they can be prepared. Again by no means are you expected to participate if you do not wish to.

That pretty much covers everything I think. Hopefully I didn't scare any of you off. Shifter and I are both friendly people and have no problem meeting and getting to know new people at conventions. If you're interested in rooming with us you can either send a note to my FA account at Userpage of azurefang -- Fur Affinity [dot] net or message me via Telegram (EnderRydel) or Discord (EnderRydel #4914).

Chances are I will not be checking this particular forum regularly so those are the best ways to contact me if you are interested. Look forward to hearing back from some of you!