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Looking for Possibly Two Fursuits


I'm looking for someone to build two suits for my husband and I. I'm unsure if I want a partial or full, so I'm up for suggestions and advice.

I will get into the full details if someone can work with me on price ranges and other things.

Looking for a fox, possibly hybrid, build. Most likely a husky as well.



Candy is dandy~
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i would love to work with you and your budget for a pair of suits! if you order two at the same time it allows for massive discounts. what an exciting project! please message me what your cost limit, time frame and design pallet, i can give you a quote and tell you how to get the best price for your ideal suits!


aspiring fursuit maker :3
partials for me start at 800, and go up from there, and the max i go on full suits are 1,500 (but thats if u have like 7 tails and like huge wings) so normally a full costs around 1000 per. since you are getting 2 i can discount both because shipping it to the same place, so like each suit (depending on complexity) will be around 800- 900 if you do two fullsuits :) if you would like to see my portfolio/ more info please check me out at: www.facebook.com: Out of the Wilburness
you can either message me there (on facebook) or on here (though im not on as often here) i look forward to hearing from you!