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Looking for pre-poses


Hi, I was wondering if anyone was selling preposes that are fairly affordable? I like preposes A LOT. Thanks


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I have one in my sketchbook of a female character dancing on a hanging silk scarf, skydancing. If you're interested in seeing it I'll go ahead and upload it.
I do pre-posed art, currently I do not have any uploaded that aren't already taken or waiting on payment, but you welcome to watch me on FA. I will be uploading more in the near future.


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I'm happy to sell my pre-posed gesture sketches if your interested in any of them. I can easily turn them into furry if thats what you're after, and I can stream the progress if you're interested in watching. The price Starts at $15, and increases with the level of detail you want to add. All finished pieces are in colour, unless otherwise requested. Let me know if you like any of these (pics are hyperlinked) and PM me on FA and we can talk about it.

http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9075593/ (warning: tasteful nudity)