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Looking for Prices


today feels like plaid
Trying to get some general price ranges to commission a GIF or flash of my fursona.

Full color, shading optional
128x128 minimum, 512x512 preferred (crop to only necessary ares permitted)
Of the char http://www.f-list.net/c/sasha-gelert/ (NSFW)
Still debating between breast expansion, pregnancy, weight gain or self-pleasure for the content

Again, what do you typically charge for such a commission? do you need more info? Whats the usual turn-around rate on it? How much can it be modified in the process?

Thanks for the responses :D hoping to get something commissioned by the end of the summer


Hm. I charge $5 for icons which are 100x100 pixels for 10 animated gif frames. So, adjusting for size, same number of frames, could be $10 for 150x150ish up to $20 or so for the 512x512. I'm willing to draw absolutely anything. I prefer traditional art, but I can do digital as well (just takes a little longer). Also, you get points for having a Gelert. They're my number 2 NeoPet (Lupe fan.). I have lots of Lupe art, but not too much for Gelerts. The only art I have is old and crappy on my Gelert's page (http://www.neopets.com/~v_Doven_v). But I know all about them, and I would love to draw yours. I hope you don't mind if I say it's a "dog" instead of Gelert on the commission post, since it's technically illegal to sell art of Neopets. >.=.> Copyright laws and all that. It's a dog character with long ears and a long tail. ~.=.^