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Looking for quotes and a specific skillset


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Hey, new to the whole commissioning art thing, so if I make a faux pas you have my sincerest apologies. Also, I'm just looking for quotes at the moment. I do have the money, but I don't have a paypal at this time, so it would be difficult for me to pay anyone. I'd appreciate it if you'd give me the quotes anyway so I can commission officially at a later date.

I'm looking for an artist that's good at doing light (specifically on fur) and expression.

The commission I have in mind is a chiaroscuro-style piece with my anthro character looking at (perhaps reaching out to touch?) a candle. I'd really like it if the artist could put some of her personality into the image - say, in her body language and expression. I think the light would bring out the different colors in her fur really well, since it's mostly different shades of red.

Character profile and references in my sig. If I commission from you I'll point out which ones are for which markings (some are only references for the head or tail, for example).

Thanks for your time.


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Hey! That's right up my alley! :3

Here's my GALLERY and JOURNAL containing detailed information on my commissions. They start at $30 and then go up from there with extras like more characters and backgrounds. The cost however, does also cover shipping the original to you for private collecting.(within US)

I work with mostly pastel on black and make heavy use lighting and color blending effects.

Some examples...

http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5950953/ NSFW
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5993383/ NSFW
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I can do this. Here are my examples of my most professional work so you can see at least with hair how it would look. I have a BA in fine arts and a major in animation so I am also trained to work fast, and am good with pose, movement and expression. I dont have a finished fur digital painting example yet, so I would love to do this to add to my gallery but here are examples and prices so you can at least see that I am very capable of doing whatever you would want in a variety of styles. Also all proceeds of my commissions are going towards helping my mate fix his teeth, so commissioning me would be doing a great service to both of us! Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Very ooooold but http://shottsy85.deviantart.com/gallery/4159008#/d1lypa3
My prices are linked in my signature to my commission journal.




I have some art styles to be considered and their prices are varied.
Please kindly review my portfolio below and drop me a note/PM for further talk. Thanks. :)

Illustrations: http://emmil.deviantart.com/gallery/#General-Illustrations
Animal paintings: http://emmil.deviantart.com/gallery/#Animal-paintings
Character designs: http://emmil.deviantart.com/gallery/221763
Photo painting/ manipulations: http://emmil.deviantart.com/gallery/#Photomanipulation
Speed paintings: http://emmil.deviantart.com/gallery/#Colored-speed-painting (more affordable, not suitable for prints)
Sketches: http://emmil.deviantart.com/gallery/#Sketch-Line-arts (more affordable, not suitable for prints)
Reference Sheet: http://emmil.deviantart.com/gallery/27594097
Cartography: http://emmil.deviantart.com/journal/35322460/
Chibi and cartoons: http://emmil.deviantart.com/gallery/#Chibi-and-Cartoon
Pixel arts: http://emmil.deviantart.com/gallery/#Pixel-Arts

Basic commission info & price list (in USD): http://emmil.deviantart.com/journal/27514909/
Note: if you like something that is not mentioned on the journal, I'd love to negotiate. ;)