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Looking for 'quotes' for a sketch/lineart for shirt.


Stoopid Scalebutt
I MAY NOT ACTUALLY BUY ANYTHING. I am shopping around for prices only for now (until I get some more money), but might PM someone if they blow me away with their prices and stuff.

I'm at it again, getting another art shirt. (Still no profit made for anyone but the artist, the shirt is a freebie that someone is making me, and credit would be given.)

This time I just want a sketch (has to be clean(as in not scruffy)) or lineart, feral, simple standing pose.

The character I'd like is Killbeat the Bicorn.

The pose I'd like would be very similar to the second example, but with her head down looking sinister.

Throw some prices at me.

Please do not PM me.
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Slasher Movies & Devil's Music


White Devil
I am working in digital now and can do something like this for 7 dollars depending on the complexity of the background.

Resolution is 1600x1200 automatic, I also downsize it to a 500x500 icon and 100x100 icon for free. If you would like another size or discuss background, style options feel free to note me here or on FA. Turn around is expected to be about 2 to 3 days.