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Looking for Ref Sheet and Full Digi Suit


Not a moose. But also maybe a moose.
So, I've got this new character... but I only have one piece of art (gotta start somewhere)...

www.furaffinity.net: Loxley by LoxleyTheFoxley

I'm looking for a front / back / side ref sheet, and potentially some other art (silly stuff, badges, etc.), because you can never have too much. Since I only have the one look, I'm open to artistic license... if you want to improve Loxley's design, I'm all for it!

I'm also looking for a maker for a full digitigrade suit, once I have a reference that I'm satisfied with.

Budget-wise, I'd like to keep the suit in the $2000 range, but I'm open to going higher if the end design necessitates it.

I don't have any specific deadline, but I wouldn't mind knowing your general turnaround time, just to give me an idea (these things do take a while after all).

If you have any questions for me, ask away! (Note: it may be a minute before I respond... because I'm pretty much always at work...) I'm looking forward to seeing what's out here :)


I'll draw the ref for you for 80 if the colors are flat and 130 if you want detailed shadowing! :D
Here are some examples (upper ones are newer):

Slightly nsfw anthros: www.furaffinity.net: Furries by Spacefur4
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