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Looking for ref sheet in time for AC, Scaily sona


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OK so my pet has this ref, and its not finished. The person working on it for him has gotten to a bind and doesn't have internet, so she won't have it finished for AC.

We're looking for someone to draw back & front, then a face detail (To show off really long tongue) as well as a foot anatomy detail and an eye detail.

Needs to be very realistic, needs to resemble this style as much as possible. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3774746

Careful attention to detail that he is a lizard, not dragon, is appreciated.

need this in time for AC. Its fine if its digital lineart, he or I can gladly color it and would prefer that so its accurate, actually! We will put in all text and organize it, you just need to draw the 'peices'

Thankss a lot :smile:


I can give this a shot...when is AC? *feels dumb*

I don't do digital lineart but can do very clean inks like this: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3493714/ which you can color digitally no problem.

Shoot me a PM if interested and we'll work out a price C:
hey if you're still looking perchance, I draw dragons all the freakin time. ref sheets are $25