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Free Art: Looking for references (Female Char. perferred) 3D Sculpts Full Body/Busts


3D Charcter Artist
Hello, guys!

I am a 3D character artist and a fellow fur, I do stylized character sculpting and I am wanting to hone down my skills some more. So, it would be awesome for you guys to give me references of your fursonas and characters. usually I just look of Pinterest, but I really want to focus on some Anthro art since I love them oh so much, and I'd figure why not make some people's characters.

I don't think I will be fully finishing them, mainly using them as practice, but if something turns out exceptional or awesome, I may bring it though to the end. Depending on how well this goes, I'm planning on opening commissions some time in the future.

Don't be afraid to DM me as well.

A few things though
1. Please don't be offended if your character does not get chosen, it's nothing personal, and it can be a variety of factors that they don't

2. I would prefer to do female characters, since that has been my primary focus throughout my time as an artist (but males will still be considered)

3. Prefer references with Frontal/Back, or 3/4 turns, or all 3

4. WIP and finished pieces will be posted on my social medias and on the forums here

5. Please be patient, I do have a full time job, as well as personal portfolio projects, so progress maybe slow at times. (currently working on my own fursona)

Now famous words from the Great Head in the Sky (and my art teacher): "SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT"

Some examples of my work: www.artstation.com: Cody Lee


Smart batto!
If ya want to .w.


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Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix
Here's Starrens picture for reference, i don't have many refs of characters yet... sadly.. but I'm trying to get some..

(Just posting here to post here. Always happy for a chance to get arts. up to you if you choose to do him, or what you do with him.)


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3D? That I've not seen here yet!

I'm a guy, but I think my long and lean form resembles a female adequately enough!

It may not be apparent, but I've got some curves as well!

Thanks for a shot!


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Blair Rhoden

If youre interested you can play with this girl, shes a vampire kitty ^_^ (named Buffy hehe)


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I love your work! It's awesome to see 3D artwork!
I don't have a true ref sheet but you could try my OC Deathless! The back of her head is just all blue, nothing too special!
The back of her outfit isn't too different either, the white crosses aren't there, the shirt is the same, generic button-down shirt
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Fowler Wolf

Always looking to chat!
Your work is amazing! I know you prefer female characters but if you'd like to take a stab at a male sona, I'd love it if you could give mine a shot! Thanks in advance if you decide to work with mine :3
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