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Looking for request

It feels like I get a burst of creativity depending on an ideas or help from my friends. I hate my brain half the time but then again through my frustration i make some great stuff. So today I am taking art request and see which sticks or even lands. My nopes are nothing that has to involve: loli, diapers, gore, toilet things. Now there are some things I'm good at and or wanna practice on from: pokemon, vore, tentacles. anatomy, and or landscape. Thank you in advance for your help and sharing your ideas with me whether its your oc doing something or maybe a landscape?


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I'd love to see my sona as a Greedant!

The body type, but with my coloring!

Thanks 4 a shot!


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here's my kitty if you'd like to doodle ♥ i got the same thing, so i understand. wishing u luck in in your art!


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If you want, you can try drawing my deersona in Chinese attire. I'd be happy to provide any details you might need.