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Looking for reviews and help with my stories


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I've been working off and on writing a series of stories that for the life of me I can't stop writing over and over again. At this point I have hundreds of pages of text with multiple continuity errors that need to be worked out along with a number of spelling and grammar errors. What I'm looking for is someone that can help me clean things up.

Given I started writing these things back in 2009 much of the plot and character development has changed so older parts need to be refreshed to match up with the new ones and so on and so forth. I'll post a link to a current draft of one of my stories here for anyone that wants to look at it. If you like what you read and want to offer some help or just want to offer some creative advice on how I could improve the story, please post a response.

This story is the first part of a series following Sofia Stone, a young woman that has her entire life ripped apart and has to spend the remainder of the series figuring herself out. The other characters in this first part are as follows:

Tania Philips and her husband Yo: Both scientists, though Tania is better known if not well known to the public, their story is covered to an extent in this part. Both Tiger furs, the live retired in a small home mostly keeping to themselves. (Most of their story is covered from multiple angles across many of my stories)
Lin and Rich Schultz: Lin is the only daughter of Tania and Yo. Rich is her child hood friend turned husband. Both are Tiger furs, though unlike Lin Rich was born human.(Their story was the one that started all of this)
Sam Winger and Mat Johnson: Sam, a lynx fur female and her cheetah boyfriend Mat live and work at Sam's shop from which she owns and operates an electric auto cab company among other things. (Another story I wrote is how they met)
Every character listed here has either been the focus or a key part of a story that I've either written or started. They also don't even represent half of the characters I've created and developed.

Again if what you've read in this post interested you please read the story and in the least post a review. I know there are still spelling and grammar errors in this draft but it really is just a draft.


  • The Searching Stones Draft 5-5-19.pdf
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