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Looking for Roommates for MFF 2018!


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Yea I know, asking about it right before the 2017 show, ahaha....

I'm in need of splitting hotel costs at Midwest Furfest next year! I'm going to try selling there for the first time, and the hotel costs are a little pricey. It's going to be my mother an I, and I'd prefer other girls in the room (my mother is not okay with dudes unless its an airbnb/separate rooms).

I was thinking of getting one room that has two queen beds, so that's up to two people (unless there's a couch in the room and someone wants to sleep on that?)

We'd be bringing in sleeping bags to share if you don't have any/want to add more people, but if there's room for a sleeping mattress that's fine with us!

I'm looking for hopefully 2-3 people to split the costs with, We're deciding on picking the O'Hare hotel itself~

All I ask is that we split costs evenly, and please don't touch mess with my art stuff (I make tangible goods)

My mom and I are pretty chill/mellow people, and if you guys want, my mom can cook for all of us (we bring a pressure cooker with us to cons, hur hur) so like, meals are on us if you'd like to eat with us.

I know the dates haven't been set up yet, but when it does I'll edit this for the actual dates. My mom and I plan on arriving a day before, but yall won't be charged for that date when we split costs.

I've also been looking at airbnbs and there's two that caught my eye and have 2 beds each so it could work out :) and dudes would be welcome for air bnbs
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