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Looking for RP based on 'Rock Dog' character(s) and/or OCs


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Hi there! I'm a long time role-player who has recently fallen in love with the characters from 'Rock Dog,' which gave me the excuse I've been looking for to try a furry RP.

While I may have never written furry before, I have read plenty, and am a decent writer when it comes to grammar, but am great at bringing a character to life and coming up with plot ideas (short or long.)

Who I'm looking to play is Angus Scattergood, but I'm willing to play Bodi if anyone thinks they can pull off the hipster cat really well. I'm also alright with someone playing an OC or a character from a different show as long as we can fit it into the 'Rock Dog' (or a similar) universe.

As for plot, if we're playing as Angus and Bodi, I'm thinking the best idea is to start something post movie. If you're interested in playing an OC, maybe we can set the plot pre-movie, like before Angus became famous, or it can be after, if the OC is another fan or a musician or something... I have sveral basic ideas already, so we can get into more details once started.

On a side note, while I would like at least some plot, I must admit that I like smut. I'm pretty much cool with any kink except stuff involving major gore and shit (as in feces). Since this is furries, I think keeping traits and body parts animal like would be awesome.

Anyway, if you're interested, drop me a note here. I can RP through Skype, google doc, or email.
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