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Looking for rp partners to help develop mlp Oc universe


New Member
I know the title is a mouthful but bare with me xD

hi! I’m a 22 year old artist who’s been developing a group of my little pony ocs since I was 13-14-ish!
I used to have a few friends I did this with, but most of them have moved on to different interests, and I’m still stuck here, so I’d love to meet new people that could have an interest in this!

I’d prefer meeting other adults only, as I’m just more comfortable with that

I’m not an experienced writer, so I can’t promise my replies will be on par with someone who has been writing for years, but I try my best, and I think I’m improving every day

like I mentioned I’m an artist! And I’m likely to draw characters I’m in invested, so please be okay with that before contacting!

sorry that this ad was sort of a mess, you can add me on discord @ Tuthogor#0460 for further discussion