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Looking for Rp Partners!


Bubblegum Bunny
Searching for a few new rp partners to get the creativity flowing! I tend to prefer slice of life/modern settings, but i'm flexible if theres a good premise. I'm still a little new to rping with my furry characters, but i'm getting the hang of it.
Please only reply if you're over 18!
pm me for my discord!
Edit: Holy canoli its late i should probably also put on some information. I prefer to play mostly females, but im comfortable roleplaying with any gender of characters.
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Slice of life and modern sounds good to me ; perfectly simple and still alright to work with when you wanna start getting to know your partners better. I'm in !

Bjorn Potato

New Member
Hey, if the offer's still up, I'll go for it. The characters you like to play as fit with my preferences, so why not?