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Hiring: ($75+) Looking for Slime Monster Vore Comm for Friend (Bonus if good at drawing machines)


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Hey all. I'm asking for something on behalf of a friend of mine who is rather shy at asking for these sort of things, so I was more than happy to be the one judged. They are rather fond of three things, slimy monsters, vore and the movie, Ferngully. Therefore, they are asking for the following pic; "Hexxus, the smog monster whom relies on the pollution made by the leveller is just not enough for his satisfaction for absolute power and destruction and therefore decides to do the next best thing, consume the leveller itself, the idea would be like your average vore pic where they are half engulfed in the preds mouth and ofc, the pred is absolutely loving the taste"
Whilst it isn't a massive need, someone who is good at drawing machines (or at least half of one) would be really ideal (as per the request of my friend), but I can send a ref pic in terms of posture and such should I go with someone. If interested, please give me your FA account so I can contact you in notes. No major rush in deadlines though.

Realise this is a bit of an odd one, not seen very often, but FA has always been good for creative vore pics so thought I'd start here.




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Hello! I am interested, and here is my FA gallery at NeoCanis, if you like my art, you can note me on FA, I am looking forward to be working with you. : )


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Forgot to add -I’ll contact the chosen peep by next Friday. Thanks for those who have showed an interest so far!


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