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Looking for Some Crit


Hoping that someone can give me some critique on my anatomy and shading. How can I make better furries? General anatomy tips would be great.


I tried to play with two light sources for this one, it didn't work out to well... ^^;

You can find more examples on my patreon page ( Rena Fox is creating Digital Art | Patreon ) and my tumblr ( rena-fox.tumblr.com: The Fox and the Wolf )


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I've taken a look at your tumblr.
For the anatomy part, I think you may want to work more on the neck/collar bone area, try to actually draw the collarbone during the construction phase may help you finding a better balance between the shoulders and make them less stiff (when a shoulder moves up, the other moves down when someone is not tensed).
The arms muscles need more work, look at where they begin and where they end. Here it is for the deltoid:

I think you may want to do a layer on which you'll draw the muscles to see how they behave and to have a base for the linework.

For the shading, I don't know what to tell since you've got only one piece with shading as I can tell so keep working on it ^^ But here's a shading tutorial I like: jebriodo.deviantart.com: Shading Tutorial Page 1

Hope that helps!
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Thank you so much!!!
None of my friends are artists, making it impossible to get regular crit outside of asking on forums like this, so it's kind of hard to tell where I need to improve sometimes!

I'll be sure to practice my arms more, and I'll take your advice of drawing the collarbone and muscles underneath. I'm sure I'll start improving in no time. c: Thanks again!