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looking for some furries to draw!


the fox
my old commission thread is almost a year old! so i decided to make a new one - since my art has been improved since then too :'3

i got a lot of time and would be happy to earn some little money for drawing your awesome furry characters! i can draw any body type, any gender, any species - humans included. i have no problem with neither NSFW nor SFW! what i can offer you are these two types of styles:

upload_2017-5-26_16-57-21.png upload_2017-5-26_16-58-47.png upload_2017-5-26_17-1-37.pngupload_2017-5-26_17-3-0.png
upload_2017-5-26_17-4-4.png upload_2017-5-26_17-5-36.png upload_2017-5-26_17-6-8.png

both styles would be 15$ per character, if it's a very simple one (like pikachu for example) 10$! i can only accept paypal and the drawing would be finished as quick as possible - probably in around 1-3 days after the payment has been sent.

thanks for considering! have a nice day!


the fox
BUMping this !
if there's any interest - i can draw a variety of things, not just furrys :3
for telegram stickers i'd charge 8$ per sticker!
drawing humans or ferals...no problem for me!