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Looking for some long term roleplays over Discord


Lover of Beasty Baes
I think I'll update my roleplay requests~.

So I'm looking for some plot heavy rps on discord! My rps have been a little slow, lately, but I'm down to take on another. I'm currently interested in:
  • 'Uncommon' species of furs and unlikely pairings
  • Perhaps some sci-fi plots
  • (Interesting) slice-of-life rps: park rangers, fire fighters, dumpster drivers, lol-
  • Darker plots, drama, and intrigue (we'd have to discuss the details)

So some rules:
  1. I don't roleplay my sona. Self inserts actually make me a little uncomfortable as I like to focus on the story. If you rp your sona, thats fine- just there is a difference between roleplay and admin interactions.
  2. In the same vein: I only roleplay in 3rd person.
  3. I only do paragraph rp. A paragraph is at least 3 sentences. I just find that when people give me a lot of one lines frequently, the story usually dies. Roleplay is a two person effort!
  4. No godmoding. Don't roleplay my character. You have free reign over the setting they are in, however. Keep it interesting.
  5. I only play with 21+. I do NSFW, but I'm particular. All rules above apply as well, but there are some topics I don't roleplay. Ask me for my f-list-

Once you read this, and if you're interested, you can message me for my discord. c:


Lover of Beasty Baes
A lot of my partners are taking breaks due to everythig thats going on. RP is supposed to be fun, and I frequently take sabbaticals to get my life together.

But now I want to write again~~.