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Looking for some video tutorials

I'm looking for videos of how to draw (or just videos of people drawing), mostly because I want to that monkey see, monkey do technique. Optional extra points if they involve furry drawings.

Another thing, is it wrong to study art of another artist for practice? I don't just mean tracing, I mean looking at a piece of artwork, and drawing it? I won't upload it to any site, because I know it would be stealing, even if I credit the original source.


The Morbid
Even though it's not furry related, 'Draw with Jazza' is an amazing channel for tutorials hosted by a fun Aussie. The other one I watch is 'Sycra'. Even if you don't neccesarily like the style Jazza draws in (For me it's somewhere near but it still looks too comic-ish), there is a LOT LOT you can learn about just from his channel. Those two are the digital artists anyway, if you're interested for traditional I watch Mark Crilley.

And as for studying the art of others, really, the art nowdays is just so diverse that you can make a gradient of art styles without a problem. What everyone who does their own style did is find one or more styles you like and then just improve on it or merge the points of each you like. As for copying completely, try changing some things, things you would rather be how you imagined. Like for me, If I saw a glorious hero with light around him, I would make the piece with same pose but I would change the tone of it, making it dark red to give the vibe of heavy sacrifices and what not. Also when you do find an artist you love, do study how he/she does things and why. If they have a stream then great, you're in luck.