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Looking for someone to colour two of my drawings.


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Hey everyone,

So, I like to draw like a huge majority of you awesome people here but.. I don't really consider my art good, but the reason I've opened this threat is to ask someone to color the two pictures I've attached below. I apologies if the way they've been uploaded makes it difficult..

Additionally, these are babyfur drawings but nothing graphic.



My price range varies as I've not asked for a commission just to colour before, but I'm looking too pay around $5-$30 dollars, Paypal.

You can find me under the same name on the FA Site, feel free to PM me with any questions or if you are interested and I don't really have a time-frame for these.

Thank you for taking the time :)
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To clarify, would you be interested in these lined and colored digitally, or do you want them to color the traditional drawings? Do you want flat color, or do you want shaded?


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I can't seem to PM you. If you would like to talk to me about this project please email at : commissionfralea@gmail.com
I have more examples if needed.

With shading example (cropped due to original being NSFW):
This image I lined and coloured from someone else's sketch.
Can do $30 for your first image, or $35 for the second image if you don't mind spending a little over budget.


Flats example:
Done off a base, so part of lineart is not mine, but you can see my lineart in the above example. Colours done by me, of course.
$20 first image, $25 second image



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I wouldnt mind to ! I line anc color peoples work with Sai for $5 a piece since the hard part for me at leaat is done , feel free to message if interested ! Examples of coloring below of my own art , and I usually work fairly fast . Im off three days this week so I could have it done Monday for sure c:


oh hello! I would be totally okay with colouring babyfurs (,though i would post them on my Inkbunny site not Furaffinity if that would be ok with you?) I actually work with colouring traditional media, like digitally colouring drawings on normal paper!
I would ask $8 for each and here are some examples with so called "mixed media"