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Looking for someone to do my Character.


Lord of the fries
If someone could please do a sketch of my character(it could be a full body or simply a head shot) I would appreciate it very much.

Info: He's an anthro Night Fury, movie-style. If you need a reference picture - http://images.wikia.com/howtotrainyourdragon/images/9/9a/793D4236F262C30A76636A4FF3068.png

He's an explorer, so I would appreciate it if, in a full body shot, he was wearing safari-style Khakis with a backpack. Otherwise in terms of physical features he's a fairly average-looking Night Fury, with vivid Green eyes. If it's just a headshot, that's fine, too, but I'd appreciate it if he had a hat on, similar to - http://images.buzzillions.com/image...ter-hat-upf-50-cotton-canvas_10524331_175.jpg

Thanks for reading.