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Looking for someone to do pokemon art commission


So I am looking for someone to do a art commission with. I am willing to pay up to about $60 to $75 USD for the commission. It will be a NSFW picture and I will discuss the details involving the characters, positions and what could be involved after picking the artist. To be considered I will need to see a example of your work/style.

Hint: Bringing some energy to the table usually gets me fired up and if I'm fired up and excited then your chances go up.


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'EYOOO! Did someone say Pokemon?... ... *tosses pokeballz*

luxraysona.png grumpigsona.png
Sorry these are slightly older works so for my more recent work:
www.furaffinity.net: Finn at Night by MissKarotStix
www.furaffinity.net: Don't Even Try by MissKarotStix
www.furaffinity.net: Tug, tug, pull. by MissKarotStix (NSFW)
www.furaffinity.net: Naughty Snow Fun by MissKarotStix (NSFW)


I'm at work but I would be super duper interested in doing a piece for you!! My FurAffinity is under this name (kialish) and I actually just posted a pokeporn piece last night! I'm sorry I can't provide links right now but please send me a note if you think my work is what you're looking for!!


Alright so I have at this time a budget of a $100 that I'll be willing to spread. I am going to PM everyone that has interest with three ideas I have on my mind at the minute and let me know if you would like to one, two, or all three. And give me a estimate.

Now what I will do is drop the pairings that I have in mind, genders and preference. Still interested either PM me or let me know on here.

Zorua (Herm) x Minnicino (Female)
Eevee (Male) x Jirachi (Male) and/or Vulpix (Male)
Shinx *My alter ego* (Male) x Shaymin (Female)

Ok so yes I do know that many here in the good old furry community do like to create pokemorphs though I am more into the "feral" side of pokemon. I grew up with the series and love the original versions. This is not to say that I am not into exploring new things so please do not let that make you believe that I wouldn't pick you.

Also if this works out I will continue putting out request like this so if not picked this time around please stay in touch since I want to work with as many people as possible.


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I'd definitively be up for some feral Pokémon!
Thanks to the simple designs I can offer full scenes (including a regular background such as a wasteland or a forest) for $30 and should be able to complete a picture within a week. (Assuming you reply fast on the WIPs. If you want to see those for approval)
While I can work on all of these I'd love to draw the Evee X Vulpix or Shinx X Shaymin one (especially if it's the flying form). But I'm honestly fine with any Pokémon.

To get an idea of the style my FA gallery should help best: Artwork Gallery for Yarik -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
(I can either do a cell shaded or a soft shaded picture, whichever you'd prefer more. There is no price difference.)


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Hi! I would like to make your request! here some example of my art and price:

Sketch 5$:

ICON 5$:

character profile 15$:

Big draw 25$:

little draw 15$:

draw with multiple character 40$: www.furaffinity.net: Double shot by Solaris91 (NSFW)

CHIBI 10$:

Comic page 80$:


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So, I actually have been doing a lot of pokemon lately and would be interested to hear your idea, if you're still looking.

This one is very NSFW, but it's a bit exaggerated; there's plenty of stuff in my 'pokemon' folder that's a little less hyper.
NSFW WARNING: www.furaffinity.net: Spread open wide by SephrenDemon NSFW WARNING!
(Breloom, Manectric and a Nidoking/Giratina hybrid.

Pokemon folder in general: (ALSO NSFW) Artwork Gallery for SephrenDemon -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (NSFW)



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$20 Lineart, $25 Flatcolors, and $35 Fullcolors rn. +$10 per character rn. I'm making a commission sheet so I don't have much up and that's why prices are low, but these are from old accounts. I like to think I have my own style, and can draw anything pretty much including pokemon and NSFW. Current art student and I can do either traditional or digital and can mail works as well though that will include a bit more obviously if you want something traditional. Most of my art is done with a brush/pen and ink but slowly doing more digital.
My FA is Userpage of unluckyfriday -- Fur Affinity [dot] net


Alright cool there are alot of good stuff tonight. I'll be in contact with everyone whether they get the job or not. Thanks for the request.
I'm pretty interested and i'm also pretty used to draw nsfw and pokemons\creature too, so it would be awesome to work with you!
In your budget i can do a couple of characters in cell shading like these ones for 48$


These instead are some NSFW works that i've done:

www.furaffinity.net: .:Self Service:. by Cespuglia2008 (NSFW)
www.furaffinity.net: .:Messy situation:. by Cespuglia2008 (NSFW)
www.furaffinity.net: .:Climax (commission):. by Cespuglia2008 (NSFW)
www.furaffinity.net: .:Pin Up:. by Cespuglia2008 (NSFW)
www.furaffinity.net: .:Be Gentle Senpai:. by Cespuglia2008 (NSFW)

Feel free to send me a pm if interested!


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Hello! I actually recently finished an art of my two Pokémon twin OCs where I was practicing cel shading!


But this is what my art normally looks like! (These are my friends Steven Universe OCs, and also my Homestuck trash crush in skimpy-ish clothes cx) (sorry that like 0 of these are furry/Pokemon-ish but I'm just getting into drawing my fursonas so there's not a lot of legroom I only have the references cx)





Alright guys I'll continue looking things over. Even though the three original ideas have already been taken I will continue to look out for more artist. I still have a mind full of great ideas.


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Hello there! If you're still looking, I'm still offering! For a picture with no background, my prices go for $30 + $10 per extra character -- this adds up to about $40.

You can check out more of my work and my styles HERE. Also, clicking on the examples below will take you to the full-sized image.

Contact me on: