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Looking for someone to draw my bat (CLEAN)

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What I want drawn: My female bat, Lossa Ricin - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11455095/

She's about 5 feet and 7 inches tall, so about 170 cm tall.

Lossa's weapon: A 4 foot long mallet with a basic/big end similar to this - http://www.wulflund.com/img/goods/en/medium/war_mallet_b.jpg

Picture idea: Lossa threatening a random thief who broke into her home to steal one of her family's poison research books while yelling to her family 'I'll start dinner in just a minute. I just need to finish something right quick' with a smile on her face. While said thief cowers in fear.

I'm hoping to get at best a flat colored image, or at the least an inked image. But if it is inked, I do want permission to get someone to color it in the future, as some pics I can't get colored due to the artist never replying back with said permission

Please give me a few examples of your work with how much each type of commission you offer is, but NO adult references as this is not an adult piece. You can send a note, but I am not the best at replying to them right away, and don't private message me here on the forums, as I never check those

My skype is BacentRekkes, as it's one of the quickest ways to get in touch with me. Just don't try to force me to commission you, as I've had people do that in the past


Hi there, interested in working with you on this project. I have been in business as a professional freelance cartoonist since 2010 through my company Ratgirl Productions. Click my paw icon on the left to see some more work of mine.

As long as it is just two visible characters in the image and the background is simple I can do a digital color piece for you for $40. If you would like I can make whiny word bubbles pointing from the edge of the image saying "Mom we want dinner!" or something to that extent to help the image make sense. Here are examples of my digital coloring techniques and also what I consider in simple background rate.



Thank you for your time and consideration.


The one and only
Hello Bacent,

I am interested in taking on your contract. For $45 I can offer you a sketch that includes the following features:
  • Two characters
  • Simple background
  • Flat colour applied

Regular price for the above features would have been $55, but I am willing to offer you a first time client discount.

Here are a few samples of my work:

Flat Colour

More samples can be seen in my gallery.

Sketch approval is included with my offer. I will provide you with previews at each stage for review. Upon completion you will receive a high-resolution, un-watermarked, digital copy of the image. The image will be letter size (8.5" x 11"); additional smaller sizes are available at no extra charge. Larger sizes will cost extra.

Transactions can be done through PayPal. The commission may be paid either up front or upon completion. If paid up front you will get larger, un-watermarked, preview images as progress on the project is made.

If you would like to move forward with my offer, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me here on the forums or by email at uncle.bang2012[at]gmail[dot]com

~Uncle Bang


Cantankerous Canine
Oooo, a bat! I love the idea you got for this pic, and I'd love to offer up what I got for this!


These are my sketches, traditional and digital, both of these would run about 5$


I do colored sketches as well, these run 10$.

I usually do my inking traditionally and then scan onto the computer, ink pieces without color are 10$.


Flat-colored inks are 20$, traditional would be a bit more difficult and therefore run a bit higher of a price (closer to 25-30$).

For what you are looking for, depending on which tier you want, there'd be an additional price of 3.50$ for extra character, and about 10$ extra on background due to having a more complex scene. You'd be looking 23.50-33.50$, if you want inked or colored (more if you want it traditionally colored).

If you need more examples, just click the pawprint on the side, I have more work. uwu Any specific examples, just ping me on here or over on FA and lemme know!
Thank you for the time and consideration!


bitch where


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Hello there! I can do what you're looking for for $25! The image would be fully-colored with a simple background! C: I have lots of experience with commissions.

Please check out my gallery, and let me know via a note on FA if you're interested!


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Heya there, I'd love to draw this for you!
Considering your budget and your idea, I can offer you a digital illustration like these: http://www.furaffinity.net/full/11857541/ http://www.furaffinity.net/full/11668078/ http://www.furaffinity.net/full/10965734/ http://www.furaffinity.net/full/10150997/ They include shading and detailed background. Two characters and a home background would be at max 40$, no more than that. ^^

I take payments via Paypal and provide sketch and coloured WIPs for your approval. You can contact me via FA note, and I have Skype as well, so if you want I can note you my username. ^^


Sounds like a fun piece to work on! If you're still looking for an artist then feel free to check out my DA gallery for examples of my art; the folder marked "Hetherev" holds pieces most similar to this kind of work! http://wolfool.deviantart.com/gallery/
A piece with two characters and a detailed background would be around $40, please message here, on FA's main forum or on DA if you're interested^^


I do detailed drawings for $25 + $12.50 per extra character, flats are $10 +$5 per extra character. Some examples of detailed drawings and flat drawings:

Just note me on FA if you're interested ^w^ I also check my email occasionally(radcatblakat@yahoo.com).

Here's my prices page for a full list of what I offer with prices and examples:


Guardian of Asgaard
Ohmygod she is adorabuuuu ;u; I would love to draw her for you!

Digital soft shade with a complex background, it will come to $40. Some samples (though I have no current ones with backgrounds, sorry);


If my work peeks your interest, feel free to send me a note at anotherwinter@live.com, and be sure to have a head regarding the fact it is for a commission here on FA. Better yet, you can also shoot me a PM on these forums, or on the FA main website (ElvenPaws). Thanks for looking and good luck choosing an artist! I hope whoever draws her does it well! ;u;
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