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Looking for someone to draw my fursona (for free)

Ive had people draw me before but ive just realized, that none of them have multiple tails, and usally kitsunes have multiple tails. So, if anyone would like to draw my fursona with multiple tails please do :3

Refrence (refrence does not have multiple tails REMEMBER i would like multiple tails)

AND ONCE AGAIN thank you to anyone who will do this


Ohhhhhhhh! I didn't know she had more the one tail. I was just going off of the ref.
How many tails does she have hun? I can update my pictures of her.


A fixed number would be best I would think, or you won't have consistency between pictures...

Also, as a part of an optional test protocol, we are pleased to present this amusing science fact:

Since tails are part of the vertebral column, multiple tails would require forking of the spinal cord. This would call for massive skeletal deformation near the posterior of the animal.