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Looking for someone to draw my fursona


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As the title states, I need someone who can draw me up a nice sharkie that resembles myself, my Kik is Pokestrike and I can pay in song if you don't want to do it for free. I thank all the kind souls who reply towards this.

Fay V

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What is a sharkie?

Oh wait, do you mean a shark? What kind of shark and what do you look like?


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Oh, sorry for the confusion, I just like to be silly. Now, how to send a picture. Allow me to attempt. If this doesn't work can we Skype or Kik or something, this is a bit finicky.


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If you can't upload a picture, it'd probably just be better to give a brief description of what you're thinking of (i.e. what species of shark, color, etc.) here in this thread.
Trying to do things like this over Kik or Skype is kind of a hassle especially given that it's a request.

Or if you have an FA account, using notes would be easier


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Black and red, but this is where I give you your freedom of how you may want to draw it. And terribly sorry, it's been a year or two since I've asked for request and such, and I've never done it on this site, I thank you very much for cooperating with my ignorance.