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Looking for someone to help me with an anniversary present


Did someone say waffle?
Alright, I'm looking for someone who would be willing to do a request as a gift for my boyfriend. Our anniversary is in exactly one month so that should be plenty of time if anyone is willing.

Some helpful information:
1. Basically I'd like to have a picture of our 'sonas together somehow, honding hands, snuggling, yiffing or whatever. I'll narrow that down later.

2. It is going to be our six month anniversary, not much in the long run I know but I would still like to get him something and since I can't physically give him a gift I figured a picture would work great.

3. He is a babyfur, which means if possible the picture could involve one of the 'sonas wearing a diaper. If you are opposed to babyfur stuff please let me know and I will try to work with you, however if possible it would be nice to have that option.

4. I'll send the fursona information to anyone interested, but the general species is a wosky, a wolf husky mix, and a husox, which is a husky fox mix.

Please let me know either by this thread or by PM if you want to help.


-Retro, AKA Akibo.


i wouldn't mind giving it a shot, send me a pm or something with a few details descriptions, poses, situations etc and ill see what i can do.


Did someone say waffle?
Innocent bump, if that is allowed. If not, my bad. ^^;