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Hiring: ($15+) Looking for someone to help me with Pokefusion design


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Hello! I won't be able to commission this for another couple of weeks, but want to be proactive in trying to find an artist. I'm looking for someone who can help me create a Pokemon fusion with Hisuian Goodra as the base Pokemon. The character is "feral" in that they don't have breasts or anything, but they're kind of similar to an anthro since they stand on their hind legs. But no clothing. Doesn't have to look like the official Pokemon art style, either.

I'm looking to spend up to ~$80 for a ref sheet with flat colors. I would prefer an nsfw ref with an sfw alt, but nsfw is not a requirement at all. Either way, I'll only work with artists who are 18+ years old. Ideally, the sheet would show the front and back, a couple of expressions, a few close-ups, some accessories, color palette, and a couple of alternate colors/patterns (using the same lineart). But I am willing to pay less for less. For example, I'd be happy to pay less for something with just the front and palette or the front and back with palette and alternate colors/patterns, etc.

I don't need the goo to be super detailed, but the character is pretty gooey. I'm still trying to finalize the design and personality but I have most of it figured out, I don't want to post the entire thing here. I have a Spotify playlist with songs that kind of helped me come up with the character, or songs that I think fit them well. So far it's all Glass Animals haha. I apologize if I don't respond to you, I do my best to reply to everyone who messages me. That's about it I think! Thanks for reading :)


Hey there! I'd be interested in giving your goodra a go! I've got references for my style and varieties for the kinds of ref sheets I do here if you wanna check em out! And my pricing is affordable for the budget you're going for too, give or take a few assets. ^^


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I would be interested in creating your Pokemon fusion reference sheet! I don't have any examples of reference sheets, but I am confident in my skill to create one. I find your budget fits nicely with my general commission pricing, be it you want most of the things you listed included or less!
I don't have a lot of work published in Furaffinity (yet) so here's a link to a showcase folder in my Deviantart where you can catch a general gist of what sort of style I draw in:


Otherwise, send me a message if you're interested! ^ ^


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