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Request: looking for someone to make a character of mine look different


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Heya, i was just wondering if someone would be able to make a new OC of mine look a different. I was wondering if someone could make my gator have a dadbod with a muscle gut, hopefully i'm not asking too much ^^ I have a pic that'll hopefully show what i'm thinking off, the black and cream gator is mine, and the green one is one i found as a reference point.


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Ah. Just a night owl then? X)
I was gonna say, maybe you're bumping at the wrong times. Usually at midnight there's about ten people online (when you exclude the bots).

Have you tried dropping your OC into other freebie threads?
Well when i made the thread, it was around midnight, and rules state you can only bump every 24 hours and i follow rules so yeah. And i haven't, i don't think i've seen any threads offering to alter OCs lately