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Looking for someone to play as my sona's les mate

So I'm looking for someone to rp with only as my sona's lesbian mate. I designed her for aesthetic mostly but now that I've made her into a real character I genuinely want someone to rp as her.
If you're interested here's a few conditions
18+ only, I'm 19 irl.
Semi Lit rp, detail, no one word replies etc.
Be open sexually, the rp will probably turn smutty eventually but I don't know exactly what my sona's into so be open since it may be a bit weird.
If you're ok with these terms here's the character info in my google drive and a link to my most recent art of Lilac.
docs.google.com: Lilac and Rose
www.furaffinity.net: lilac clothing change by RoseyTheArtist