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Looking for Someone who does Reference Sheet Commissions

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Specifically looking for someone who can draw a wolverine, anthros, and is decent with clothing.

Front and back view in nude(must not be against drawing male genitalia) and one clothed. Open mouth shot to show tongue. Possibly a close up of the eyes to show he has no pupils.

If you do them or know of someone who could pull this off, tell me about them and their prices so I know what to save up to.

I don't want it to be overly cartoony, but it doesn't need to be in realism either. I want it to actually LOOK like a wolverine. Not a bear with a tail or a dog with round ears.

I am even willing to do a commission trade for one. If you are unfamiliar with commission trades, its where you would tell me the price for the reference sheet, and then choose as many items from my price list to equate to said amount.

Like, if your reference sheets are $30-$40, you could request 6-8 icons, or 4-5 badges, pretty much anything in my list that would add up to $30-$40.

If THAT interests you, that'd be super easy for me to pull off(and if so, my list is here: (link)). But I will not object to paying.

I can only pay via paypal.

Please note that I cannot actually commission anyone right now(unless its a commission trade). I am currently saving up so that I CAN commission someone for this. All comments are for reference so that when funds are available, commission is go.
Not open for further replies.