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looking for someone who provides art classes or one on one help for coloring and other subgects.


Artists in training. ^w^/
As the tilde said im looking for a mid to hi skill artist willing to help me improve with some hands on help. Im hoping to study flat color, color contrast and theory as well as line art and some anatomy.

If you know anyone or you are interested maybe we can work out a deal and time table. constructive criticism is welcome to if a little redundant sense i can only improve so fast.

feel free to pm me if your interested i dont know if you can link your fa here so im not going to risk it because it constants quite a few nsfw pics by me and other artists but if your intrested in looking at it let me know.

anyway fell free to hit me up anytime or comment away hopefully i can find what im looking for.


What DOES my username mean...?
Just find some of your favorite artists on YouTube and follow along. There are TONS of videos and artists at all levels of sufficiency.


Artists in training. ^w^/
thats the first thing everyone says i have a stack of reff books and have watched countless vids. Im looking for hands on help to figure out a few things im having trouble with so till then ill be doing exactly what you suggested 101 times is the charm right? lol