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Free Art: Looking For Something to Draw {Slots Left: 0/3}


uh I can explain?
I'm bored and want to draw, but have no idea what to draw! Plus I have 100 likes or something so I'll draw your guy's fursonas/ocs if you want me to. I'll draw three for now and since I'm rather new to art, maybe giving a simple pose would help as well. Sorry if I don't draw your OC. Posts with a reference sheet/other image, less complex character, and simpler pose might have a better chance at getting selected. Enjoy your day :3

Slot 1: @BlakeTromaville

Slot 2: @Trevorbluesquirrel
Slot 3: @Olivitree
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If I'm simple enough, I could be tried!

Maybe a back view, standing up, and looking back over shoulder!?

Unless you'd want a front view instead!?

Thanks 4 a shot!


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