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Looking for story-based RP for my first ever OC

Ra'ara Su'nai

The golden-voiced fox
Though ILost count of the years since she came to life in my mind, I still fondly remember my first OC(borderline a fursona, actually). An Umbreon, by the name of Raine, she has been there waiting for me, even when other characters were playing and she had to sit and wait in solitude. I want to find some deep story for her(which may include NSFW), and the setting can be quite flexible. I only recently got artwork done for her, and it’s just beautiful! Credit to artichuka, who was able to produce this wonderful piece of art from nothing more than a description
Tumblr: Image

If you want to learn more about her and talk ideas, feel free to PM me, or hit me up on Discord at Ra'ara Su'nai#5159
If you message on Discord, please say you were from here.

Also if interested, I do have a second piece of art for her, made by Cactuskiss. That one is NSFW so you’ll need to DM to see it