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Looking for Suit(Head) Designer/Icons

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I see no point in making two posts so ill just request for both of them here c:

First off, the fursuit Head. I would like to get a realistic version of this:http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7767997/ so basically a non-raptor bird(in this case magpie) skull with a moveable lower jaw. I would prefer if the eyes were blacked out as to not ruin the effect of it being a skull. The crown itself is also something I would like but it snot a priority. Does anyone know of anyone who can make something like this, are you one of these people, if so how much, whats your payment plans and so forth.

As for the icons. Im looking to keep my budget around 10$ at the current moment, though I may go higher. I would like couple icons. Animated would be nice, but this isn't a must as I know animation takes quite a bit of time(and there for more money) anyone comfortable drawing cobras and chakats please show me examples of your icon work :3


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Breakspire is the right fursuit maker for this job. She has the most experience sculpting and casing plastics and working with different avian skulls.


Cobras and Chakats? I'd love to try out that mix together. You can check out my galleries here or here. My prices are currently listed here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3406097/.

Here is my most recent avatar design in both shaded and flat forms.

I haven't made pricings yet for avatars (as in head shot avatars), but I would start flats at $5. If interested, we can discuss the prices. I'd love to hear back from you. Thanks!
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