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Looking for suiters to be in my music video! I'll even paypal you $20 for your efforts!


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Hi everyone! I want to make a music video for my new song "Automatic Fox", and I want as many suiters as I can get in it! Just make a video of yourself in your half/partial/full suit or even makeup, dancing and being as crazy or outrageous as you want, and submit it to me for editing. The more I get, the more interesting and better the video will be. Really get in the camera and all over the place, it'll make it even more fun to watch! The video will be fun, wholesome (not dirty) and non-exploitative (I've been a fur since 1996, so I'm in the fandom and not looking to embarrass anyone or make anyone look bad.)

Here is the song Automatic Fox.

If you like it, please submit no more than ONE minute of dancing video to this dropbox:

Dropbox file share

Or send me a message with a link to your uploaded file on any platform (google drive, we transfer, etc etc).


1. PLEASE record the video in HORIZONTAL! That means turn your phone sideways! If you submit vertical video, I cannot use it, since the video will be horizontal.

2. Please submit the video directly from your phone so it is full quality. I'm trying not to get potato videos.

3. As part of your video, please give me permission by stating this in the video: "My name is _______. This video is of my fursona, ________, which I own the rights to, and I give you permission to use it in your music video". This is so I can verify the fursona you are using is YOURS. I don't want anyone taking down the music video for violation of character rights or usage. This way I can also properly credit everyone for appearing.

4. ANY submissions are to be used in part in my music video, and your submission gives me permission to use your character in this video ONLY.

Oh... Also, you don't have to make a custom video just for this song. Just dance to something around 130 bpm and I'll do the rest!

Upon receipt of a great video that meets the above requirements, I will paypal you $20 for your time and effort!

Let's make the most of this time of non-conventions and quarantines, and make some art! Thanks everyone, and let's make the fuzziest music video yet!

--Todd the greatFox