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First time using the forums for commissions, so here I go.

It's almost Halloween, and my Maggie Beagle character can't decide what to dress up as. Luckily, she doesn't have to since all she needs to do is to transform into a new anthro animal!

Request: Maggie is a volunteer test subject at a lab and she likes to be transformed into different animals. I'm seeking an artist to draw her as one of the animals that she has not yet been drawn as. She must keep her beagle patterns in her new form. Ideally looking for a flat color tasteful pin-up or mid-transformation.

Budget: $15-30 range, but I am open to offers.

Reference and Details:
Please let me know what type of animal you would be most interested to draw her as.

List of animals to be drawn as, reference, and details in my journal link:
www.furaffinity.net: Transforming Maggie -- provodawg's Journal
4Hey there! This sounds like a really fun commission, and I'd love to draw your Maggie as a different animal. A full body, flat color image would put you right at $30. Looking through your list I'd love to draw her as either a mouse, deer, or dragon. I don't really have any experience with drawing someone mid-transformation, so I think i'd be better at drawing her simply as the other animal.
I have a few examples, though no flat ones I'm afraid. If you're interested or have any questions feel free to message me here or on the main sight. Thank you so much, and good luck with your search! <3





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Wow, thank you all for your responses. The moderators approved my post last night so I had a bunch of messages this morning.

For those that asked, yes, this request is still open. I will make a selection based on price, style that matches my character, and your availability. I may select one for this month and next month.

Many talented artists on here. Thanks so much for your interest!


I'd love to do that!!
My flat color fullbodies are 22$ cad (a little less in us$)
The species I'd like to do the most are: Owl, antelope, pangolin, zebre, deer, fennec, dinosaur, crow and dragon!
May I also suggest: Leopard gecko or giant day gecko, toucan, snow leopard, raccoon, unicorn, seahorse, hummingbird, koi fish(would suit her colors so well), red panda and axolotl!

Here's an example of my flat colors and I'll try to add as many different species as I can!



Dragons are my favorite to draw so i'd love to draw her as one of those, but i'd also be willing to try the Emu since i lack good avian examples. Prices are below, you can PM me here or email irigreens@gmail.com if you're interested in hiring me.



Hey if you're still looking for artists, I am interested!
I don't have very many examples (that are current) but here's something I did recently!

And this one is an adopt that I didn't color, but I did the lineart for!

I would love to turn Maggie into a Deer, Meerkat, Fennec Fox, or maybe Sloth!
Really anything from the list. I'm better at drawing fluffy animals, but I always love challenging myself so a Dinosaur or Scorpion would be interesting! c:
Let me know if you're interested, I could do something like this for $20!
Hey, if you’re still looking for an artist I’d love to work for you to create this! I’d love to turn your character into an antelope, deer, or a weasel! Some of my guilty pleasures to doodle haha. I would charge $30USD for a flat colored fullbody image of your character. Feel free to message me here or on my FurAffinity if you’d like to contact me for any questions or concerns! I look forward to hearing from you.
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