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Looking for those Intrested in RP with good story


Looking for someone willing to get deep into something that might be a little overwhelming. I've spent the last 5 years building up a little world of my own. There is simply to much to explain here but I already run a few RP's in said world. One of which has been going on for years now. I don't expect such dedication to it like that, but I would still like to find someone else willing to jump into it.

I enjoy mixed NSFW and SFW RP's. I don't really care about your kinks as far as NSFW but I do have a few that I will not do. Snuff and Watersports are a no go for me. Just don't enjoy it, amung other things. I prefer things vanila if that makes sence.

As for Story I can offer a number of choices and enjoy letting the characters make their own overall story. I minaly use the world I made as a setting. That said, I am open to RPing in other univerces.

If you are intrested feel free to post here and we can set something up! Though I do prefer Discord as a medium for this sort of thing.