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Looking for Tutor to Teach Drawing


Dyslexic Extrodinare
Hi there, I'm a Writer, I have lots of ideas but I feel like i should learn how to draw properly and to get really involved with my characters. I'm Just starting a Web Design course too so this will really help mework through my ideas.

I'm looking for someone who can draw (well, prefered XD) to teach me in Open Canvas, or some other way through the internet. If you have another method, then i'm willing to try it.

I'm looking for sketching tips, perspective help, inking, coloring, shading. Basically the whole works, so i'm looking to meet over a few months and such.

I hope someone's interested in an ambitious fur who wants to learn something which makes this community ^^


She sells sanctuary
Concept Art has some great resources for this, IMHO. Even though the CA Academy doesn't exist any more.

All of their forums are worth checking out.

In addition, Google "Loomis drawing" and find a download of Loomis' "Figure Drawing for All It's worth".

It may seem like spending time working on these basics is dull, but you will be a much better artist if you start out with this stuff instead of being like me and doing 5 years of mediocre art only to realize that you lack these basics.