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Looking for Tutorial/Advice for Articulated Wings that are build into the Fursuit


New Member
Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone has or knows of any good tutorials/references for articulated wings. I've done a lot of goggling and haven't been able to find much information on the backpack construction being build into the suit. I really admire Beastcub's style of wings since one of them does not require you to pull on a string, but I suppose the string method is the norm for articulated wings.

I'm trying to look for a design that is not too bulky and the wings can open and close (flap back and forward is also preferable, but I know that complicates things doing too much motion). I'm really trying to find something that doesn't require me to use strings since I would like to have my hands free. These wings will be used for a dragon.

It would be cool to do something more automated, but i'm already building my own suit and everything so I don't know if I could commission wings as it would be extremely expensive and i'd rather make them myself.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :D
Thanks in advance