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Looking for two pig TF stories


New Member
Hello, I have been looking for two specific pig TF stories I recall reading, but can't seem to find anymore, so hopefully someone here could recognize them and help. :]

The first one was about a girl who's browsing social media, wondering how she could catch the attention of a specific boy, when she notice a weird group, in which everyone's pic is replaced by one of an animal. Intrigued, she look it up, thinking it's weirdo, and eventually accidentally click on join. She then receive cheerful messages about them having identified her soul animal, which happen to be a pig. She's annoyed as her friends post laughing comment about the public message, and try unsuccesfully to unsubscribe. But then her pics and bio start begin replaced by that of a pig, and she think she's got her account hacked, until she start actually transforming into a pig, and freak out, desperatly trying to undo all this. There's a mention of the boy having joined the group by curiosity too, implying he was into her, sending her some curious messages along the story, which end up with him increasingly freaking out in them, until it's gibberish written by a boar hoof. They both end completely transformed, and stuck.

The second story is also of a pig TF. A high school group is visiting a farm, and a sort of melancholic girl wander off alone, resting on the bareer of a pig pen in which there's a lone sow nearby. She then think out loud something along the way of her having the good life, or something about wanting to help, I can't recall well. Anyways, the pig rapidly transform into a naked girl. She's flaggerbasted, and very confused when the ex-pig girl, who is all cheerful, thank her, casually mentioning that she will now take her place. The ex-pig girl seem to believe the girl has voluntered to switch place with her, and it somehow is becoming reality by random magic. Before she can clear things up, she start transforming rapidly into a sow. The cheerful ex-pig girl guide her into the pig pen, before leaving with her clothes on.

Does that ring any bell? :]