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Looking for video editing help and/or .gif editing


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Hello! I need help making a short video. I got a movie and I wanna take clips from the movie and put my favorite parts of the movie into a short 10 min video..However it is an anime movie with multi languages/subtitles and A. I don't have a program for it and B. I dunno what I'm doing. If anyone could do this for me I can either draw them a few pictures or I can give them 14$ if you has paypal. I got enough of it that I'm not using lol. I also have a .gif icon that needs to be recolored. If someone does it, I can pay $9. Please help.


It's got 16 frames but a lot of the movement is just in the eyes and cheeks. So $7 would be just fine. You can note me on FA with what colour you have in mind. I generally accept payment before starting. Turnaround would be 3-4 days.


Play from your ****ing HEART
Hey, 14 bucks could be a new LP. I could see what I can do about your video editing needs.


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well i'd rather pay money for someone to make me the movie. send me a note if anyone is interested..