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Hello, hello
a man is desperate lol
I've wanted a fursuit since I first saw them years ago. I finally can afford one! I probably will get more than one, as I have followed some makers I like on twitter already, but I want to try looking here as well. I'm used to being the one offering commissions, so uhhh as a buyer, if Im missing something, please ask and just share your stuff xd

First time ordering, please be clear and open with me! There's likely a lot Im not informed on!

I'm looking for something semi-realistic or presenting such traits. My character doesn't really fit into a cute or cartoony style and neither do I tbh :d
He is a wolf with 3 colors in total, hopefully not too hard to match - creamy white, a brown-saturated black and some velvety red.

The ref is not so new, but its current.

Im looking for just a head or head+paws+tail. Definitely want a jaw that can open and close and full of teeth. For paws I prefer a more humanoid hand, with five fingers, pads and claws.
Im also interested in things like custom hoodies and such clothes!
Will be ordering from the EU. I don't mind where the maker is from.
I'd prefer to do a payment plan, especially for higher prices. Can offer Paypal.

Things I would love to get but not necessary: eyes and nose that can be made to glow, any movable parts like eyelids, ears and tongue.

Please post your examples and price ranges!

You can also contact me here:

FA - Levi_KAZ
Twitter - feralkaz
DA - ManlyKaz
Discord - Kaz#8126