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Looking for writers?


Weyland Yutani Human ressource


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I have been trying to create a group similar to this on the main site; was attempting to create a writer's group that didn't depend on me being around forever to maintain it. This... isn't exactly what I was trying to make, but it's good. It's very good. Add me to list?

Ty Rufus

I'd like to be added to the list as I have a book written up with a second on the way. Only problem is that my written work is not on my FA...though my personal art usually pertains to my story and contains some info about it here and there. Does that count? ^^;

M. LeRenard

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Sorry. I've been away. Caught a break, so I thought I'd update this.
Added you to the list, 13swords, and Ty, the list is for people who have writing up on FA, so I'd wait until you put some written work up before I add you.


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I've only just started writing this year and only just registered in the forum so am not totally familiar with it, but i've ended up writing quite a few in only a few months so I'd love to be on the list. I tend to write a few yiffy stories but obviously not all the time heh and i five characters who are based around bodybuilding and Motor Racing (weird mix I know heh)

http://www.furaffinity.net/user/jamesdarrencrowe/ (my account)


Hai Thar.
My friend and I do some writing together every once in a while.

I also write my own things in my spare time (animals, job, kids, life sometimes takes away from the quality/quantity), but other than that, there are a few things in my submission folder on FA.
Also, to distinguish between my stupid "art" (more like scribbles and crap), youll probably want to look for thumbnails that have some kind of character, with words on the front.
Like this: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6955016/
Anyway, heres my page, so check it out and im always in the mood for critque, just be thorough -- ive had a few people tell me that the writing "just sucks" and nothing else. No reason, no explanation. Honestly it was their opinion, but ... if youre telling me it sucks, tell me why.