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Looking for Zombie Apocalypse Rp Partners


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It began in late summer, though nobody knew it yet, hikers, campers, and even folks living in the backwoods, disappeared without a trace, or only pools of blood and gore remained and tracks lost in the wilderness. All over the country, people feared they might be next in these random and spread out killings. Summer eventually came and passed as the Fall season came to be. Whatever was going on, it was now coming to a boiling pot, in the first week of Fall, the world would soon be brought to the brink...

Howdy everyone, I'm looking for people to rp an zombie apocalypse rp set in roughly a modern day world, give or take a decade or two. With both the walking dead and deadly mutated Undead and experiments. Using a system called the Viral State, you manage your infection as you fight to keep from infection, and if afflicted, to stop it from overrunning your body and transforming into an monster or Undead.
Along with managing your survival in the apocalypse, hunger, thirst,, sanity, and happiness~.

If interested then feel free to comment here or message me directly?


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