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Looking to Bring Momma Character to Life In Darkest Dungeon


New Member
You read it right! For my next HUGE Commission batch instead of targeting multiple artists i'm looking for a Few. Or Single one to Work together and Create A Sprite Sheet for My Character Momma Jerbear!

I have plenty of other references for This lovely Momma (Including a Full on Reference page) but most of them are NSFW So that will have to be a private share.

If you would like to take on this project You should consider the following
  1. Do you have an art style that reflects that of Darkest dungeon, It's a very Gritty game so many of the characters have this Dark overtone. For an Example Click Here
  2. Are you Comfortable Drawing Momma Characters and the Sultry Things they would be doing to defend themselves in dire situations
  3. How keen are you on Drawing Queenlike outfits considering that will be the outfit Momma Jerbear will be wearing
  4. Do you update your Clients? Would you be fine with Talking with me everyday or as often as possible about the progress of this?
My current budget is going to be : 5 - 200$

Thank you everyone for your consideration and i look forward to working with you all!