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Hia hello!
I'll get right down to it:
I'm going to be getting some extra funds (and probably a regular salary this summer!) and I simply Love buying commissions/ychs.
I'd love to have a list of possible folks to buy from every time I get paid, and would be willing to pay up to $35 for a single piece (nsfw/sfw)

I'm a sucker for pieces with​
  • Jars/Glasses (empty or filled with something, either's fine)
  • Characters sitting in filled cups and things are included!!
  • Food (EXTRA points for red meats <3 )
  • Little environments with your character in them(ex.)

So if you make commissions/have ychs open with any of these themes,
post some of these little pink guys in front of your comment so I can know!
Still, feel free to post your ychs/commission prices and examples in the comment section below! (Also your fA, since I'll hit you up via notes)
And if I like something, I will chat you up.

Have a great Friday, everybody!!​


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I'm selling a Print for this drawing on deviantArt: http://thedartkid.deviantart.com/art/Bessie-s-Hospitality-595572022
Not to mention I'm currently open for commissions :V


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Slasher Movies & Devil's Music
Hey there! While I currently have no examples of the exact themes you requested, the diorama/little enviroinment kind of pictures interest me a lot, and I wouldn't mind drawing jars.
My pricelist can be viewed here: http://valery91thunder.deviantart.com/journal/Commissions-Art-Trades-Collabs-Info-Page-240327229 I do SFW only arts and most of my options fit your budget of 35$/less, especially if you're looking for single character images.
I take payments via Paypal and provide sketch and coloured WIPs for approval. If interested, you can contact me via FA note here: Userpage of valery91thunder -- Fur Affinity [dot] net which also provides a wide array of examples for my drawing style.


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;o; ooohhh what a cute style~!! I'm going to Have to get something from you before the summer's over because all of your stuff is just Adorable!
Also your easter bunnies YCH is Perf.
I saw it on fA when it first came out and just <3

Thanks so much! ^^ I'm planning to have my commissions open for quite a while, so shoot me a note or message whenever you'd like!


Terracotta Pie
Hello! I was actually planning on doing some teacups with characters in them soon, but those slots aren't officially ready yet. :)
Anyways, if you're interested, I do speedpaints for around $25-35 usd (1-2 characters), although prices will go up a tiny bit soon.
SFW example of a quick speedpaint: www.furaffinity.net: $25 Speedpaint for Tylo_Soulspirit by SephrenDemon
NSFW example: www.furaffinity.net: (Speedpaint) Hellsingkitten by SephrenDemon
More finished pieces:
SFW: www.furaffinity.net: Face the Storm by SephrenDemon
NSFW: www.furaffinity.net: Closeup by SephrenDemon

Latest journal with sketch slots open: $10 Sketch Blitz (March 19th) is open! -- SephrenDemon's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

:p:p:p Here you go. :)
All the best;


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I'll do a full picture, coloring and shading and all, for 35$.

My furaffinity is hecticseptic !!

Your style is Darling!! How much would an icon cost? I just remembered I'm in severe need of an icon for some certain sites!


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Hello there, I've been looking for some business to come my way. If you're interested in some quality art within budget, give me a look over. I work on an hourly rate to ensure equal quality across the board. My commission rules, prices, and TOS are located in the link in my signature!

Some examples of some work I've been doing: